"Smart Energy Monitoring Solutions "

helping you make the most of your energy dollar

What we do

We offer electricity monitoring products…

which enable electricity users to take advantage of the new capabilities offered by the rollout of Smart Meter technology.

We also provide consulting services to Manufacturers, Retail Electric Providers, Utilities, and Builders/HVAC Contractors.


We have partnered with Rainforest Automation…

to offer solutions which communicate wirelessly to your smart meter, allowing you to view and manage your energy consumption. Gateway products enable enhanced capabilities via the Cloud, with access from anywhere with a smartphone or tablet.

Latest News

More Refurbs now available – 50% off regular price!

We have received a batch of refurbished In-Home Displays and Gateways by Rainforest Automation. Almost identical to new devices at most there may be just a cosmetic blemish. Shipped in original manufacturers packaging with all accessories. Quantities are limited so act fast.